Rosemary is a beautifully fragrant plant, known more widely from the kitchen. However, few people know that it is also great for skin care. Rosemary has a number of miraculous properties - it moisturizes, softens and firms the skin. In addition, with the help of its fragrance, it can help us to calm down and relax.


The rosemary consists of a beautifully fragrant salt, bath bomb, organic gel and soap. All these cosmetics are made of high-quality ingredients, containing essential oils that have extraordinary cosmetic properties. Such a set of cosmetics will work perfectly in every bathroom.


The whole set is a great gift idea, it is beautifully packed, and caring for our environment. You can be sure that such a gift will make everyone who likes to feel happy also feel relaxed.


The set consists of:
1 Rosemary Organic Shower Gel
1 Rosemary Bath Bomb
1 Rosemary Organic Soap
1 Rosemary Bath Salt
Packed in a Herbarium Box

Rosemary Gift Set


Remember to recycle your gift set packaging! All of our packaging, including the packaging peanuts they arrive in, are recyclable. The bag, bottle, label, eco-friendly mailing bagss and cardboard packaging can be recycled and the packaging peanuts can be washed down the sink .