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Self-love and care are at the core of everything Full Mellow™ do, which is why all of their ranges contain three key ingredients: nature, passion and love.

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Here at Full Mellow, we believe that each day holds something extraordinary, something worth remembering. Moreover, although we strive to view the world from a distance, we always deliver when it comes to our products, never compromising on their quality.


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Syl Kubowicz

Lovely Lou firming shower gel with gotu kola and green tea extracts 🐙. This cute octopus from Full Mellow has been accompanying me in the shower for several days 😊. The gel has a pleasant, very efficient consistency. 2 pumps are enough to wash the whole body. I really like its smell - the combination of grapefruit and passion fruit relaxes me a lot.
Why is it worth choosing this particular cosmetic? Ok. 97% of the ingredients are of natural origin 🌿, there are no animal ingredients among them, and the gel itself has not been tested on animals 🐇. 


The bomb dissolving in the bathtub creates beautiful colourful patterns, it smells beautiful because it is floral ❤️ And it also contains sweet almond oil, which moisturizes and nourishes the skin ❤️
When we vigorously stir the water in which the bomb is dissolved, a wonderful foam will appear ❤️
I love these types of products, thanks to Full Mellow I got to know a new dimension of bathing and relaxation 🌼
After the bath, the skin is really soft and deeply moisturized ❤️
The bomb is safe for children and pregnant women 🌼🌼🌼 because it is a natural product ♥ ️


You have to believe me, these delicacies smell beautiful. And the graphics on gels are so ... cute
I love such bath delicacies, the world is becoming more beautiful 😄 Yesterday evening I washed my Watermelon Love bath cup, there was power

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